"We usually settle cases before trial,
precisely because we are NOT afraid to go to court."


Bringing Your Same-Sex Partner To America

Windsor v. United States was a landmark Supreme Court case, ending on June 26, 2013, which declared DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) as unconstitutional under the Fifth Amendment. This decision bestows same-sex marriages the same protections and privileges as traditional marriages. Same-sex couples who legally marry may now be sponsored by their U.S. citizen spouse for their green card for the first time ever.

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Fort Drum/Military Personnel

We consider ourselves to be fortunate to have Fort Drum, one of the largest and most significant military bases in the country, in our own backyard. Based in Watertown, New York, Fort Drum is home to thousands of service members and their families, many of whom have questions about immigration rights, which we are happy to answer.

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Immigration: Stalemate on Unifying Separated Immigrant Families

The following is a reflection on Tuesday's online article by "The Hill" - Public Policy Expert: US Faces "Crisis of Governance on Immigration"

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